Off Grid Battery Operation

The above screenshot was taken to show the overnight battery depletion and solar panel recharge. The trace labeled SOC is the stored energy (battery) percent. The low point after operating overnight was 42% at 8:00 AM before sunrise and the solar power began to recharge the batteries. Shortly after sunrise we turned on the AC… Continue reading Off Grid Battery Operation

Solar Power Demand

The screen shot shows a typical August day in Florida solar and power demand variation. The green is the solar power input, yellow is the grid power and red is the load. When solar power is not available the grid matches the power demand so the red power demand and yellow grid power become an… Continue reading Solar Power Demand

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Since choosing the AGM (lead acid) batteries, I have learned that Lithium Iron Phosphate technology has significant advantages over lead acid and Lithium-Ion technologies for solar power energy storage. Lithium-Ion store a higher density of power than Lithium Iron Phosphate but Lithium iron Phosphate is stable and not prone to fire or explosion. The potential… Continue reading Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Operating on Power Grid

The above diagram shows the fully functioning grid sell PV inverter operation for one full day (11-1-21). This was a sunny day so there is not much up/down fluctuation during the day. The small orange blips are when a well pump comes on. The well pumps are powered only by the solar inverter. Everything else… Continue reading Operating on Power Grid

Batteries and Inverter

We installed the batteries and inverter in our shop. The 8 Sol-Ark PCC 230 Ah batteries are on the lower right and the Sol-Ark 12k inverter upper left. The gray conduit under the inverter carries the two 2/0 battery cables to the 48 volt battery banks and the vertical black and red buss-bars on each… Continue reading Batteries and Inverter

Categorized as Solar Power

Inverter, panels and batteries

We decided on a Sol-Ark 12 kw inverter as our main component for the first phase. The 12k provides the most versatile options of the inverters we reviewed and flexible options for installation and configuration. We initially purchased 20 additional 30 volt 300 watt panels so with the original 10 30 volt 250 watt panels… Continue reading Inverter, panels and batteries

Additional Panels

We decided to purchase an additional 20 Hyundai 300 Watt panels making a total of 30 panels and 8,500 Watts. We plan to construct an equipment shed next to our shop and mount the panels on the roof of the shed with inverter and batteries in an enclosed area under the shed. This will be… Continue reading Additional Panels

Solar Panels

We purchased 10 panels to get started. They are Whitelabel 250w – SS250P-60V 250 watt ~30 volt Solar Panels. We are in the process of purchasing another 20 300 watt Hyundai panels which will give our initial installation 6,000 watts + 2,500 watts = 8,500 watts. We are also planning to use a Sol-Ark 12K… Continue reading Solar Panels

Getting started

This website like the Company Felda Solar is a work in progress. I intend to document progress on designing and installing our solar power system as we develop it. For the first design phase we purchased 10 250 Watt solar panels. Not the most efficient but we will be adding to it as we get… Continue reading Getting started