Battery Use Overnight

This figure shows the cycle of one day using battery overnight. Starting at midnight on the left, shows the battery at about 60% after powering the house for from about 1730 to midnight. The power use overnight includes AC, well pumps and hot water heaters. At about 0730 the battery charge reaches a minimum of about 25% when the solar power in green starts charging the batteries (dark blue). After the batteries charge the excess solar power goes back to the grid indicated in yellow negative indicating transfer to the grid rather than receiving power from the grid. At about 1730 the solar power is diminished and the batteries charged to 100% (turquoise graph scale on the right) start discharging to provide the power overnight. Our use of power increases in the early evening with showers and cooking dinner. As the evening progresses to midnight the battery power goes down to about 60% and the cycle starts over for another day.

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