Inverter, panels and batteries

We decided on a Sol-Ark 12 kw inverter as our main component for the first phase. The 12k provides the most versatile options of the inverters we reviewed and flexible options for installation and configuration. We initially purchased 20 additional 30 volt 300 watt panels so with the original 10 30 volt 250 watt panels that gives us a total of 6000 + 2500 = 8500 watts. The Sol-Ark 12k inverter is a grid tie inverter that can operate in parallel with other inverters if we decide to expand later on. The Sol-Ark 12k also allows us to connect a generator if we need to for prolonged power outages. We decided on Sol-Ark PCC 230 AGM batteries. We looked into lithium-ion batteries but decided on the AGM batteries. There were several reasons for this. 1) The AGM batteries are a well established and safe technology and the lithium-ion technology is still evolving and more expensive. By the time we need to replace the AGM batteries (hopefully 10+ years) the energy storage options will be more developed with competitive prices. In the next month, I will post more details on each of the components we are installing including the Iron Ridge roof racks, Sol Ark inverter, solar panels and AGM batteries.


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