Off Grid Battery Operation

No Grid power after Hurricane Ian 10-1-2022

The above screenshot was taken to show the overnight battery depletion and solar panel recharge. The trace labeled SOC is the stored energy (battery) percent. The low point after operating overnight was 42% at 8:00 AM before sunrise and the solar power began to recharge the batteries. Shortly after sunrise we turned on the AC which is the big load at about 8:30 AM. Shortly after turning on the AC we turned the hot water heaters on in sequence at 9:00 AM and 9:15 AM indicated by the power load demands shortly after the AC power load demand. When the power demands of the AC and two hot water heaters ended the solar inverter resumed charging the batteries until 100% charge at about 1:00 PM. At about 6:00 PM when the solar panel power is lower than the load demand, the batteries again provide the power and SOC begins to decrease.

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